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What are the best restaurants that have the view of Bosphorus?

Water is a major part of the life in this city. It is one of the elements that define...

23 May, 2014

10 Turkish Movies To Help You Learn Turkish Culture

YOL ‘THE WAY’ (1982) Written and directed by the controversial Turkish...

05 April, 2015

Where can I see English-language movies, or movies with English subtitles?

Majority of the movies from English speaking countries are screened with Turkish...

31 March, 2016

Where do senior citizens hang out?

I believe senior citizens prefer tea gardens and patissieres (pastahane in Turkish) to...

31 March, 2016

Is there a rivalry between the Asian and the European sides of Istanbul?

I do not remember feeling or hearing about any rivalry between the two sides. Maybe...

10 June, 2014

What role does Islam play in the daily life of Istanbul?

I will try to answer this question thinking of what's visible over the surface. I...

31 March, 2016

Is there anything that I should consider while using my camera in Istanbul?

I would be careful about using my camera to take pictures of police forces. They may...

31 March, 2016

Where can I drink alongside movie stars in Istanbul?

Kaktus, Porte, Lima in Beyoglu. House Cafe or Starbucks in Nisantasi. Assk Kahve and...

31 March, 2016

What continent is Istanbul on anyway?

Istanbul is spread around the Bosphorus strait and its boundaries on each side go deep...

31 March, 2016

Do people do fake tanning in Istanbul?

Yes, they do. Tanned skin is still a symbol of wealth I believe. If your skin is too...

31 March, 2016
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