Woodkid Performed at the 5th Adidas All Original Festival at Küçükçiftlik Park

Eva Tanz
28 January, 2015

I still remember the days when I sat at the windowsill in rainy Scotland and listened to Yoann Lemoine's words, the French artist better known as Woodkid, in his song "Brooklyn" singing: "Here in Paris rain is falling. My heart belongs to Brooklyn". I did not long to be in Brooklyn, but in Istanbul. This is where I am now, and yes, I feel that this is the place where life is. You cannot envision how I imaginary jumped in the middle of Istiklal street last week when I saw the adidas all original poster stating that Woodkid will play this Saturday, 20th of September 2014, at Küçükçiftlik Park in Istanbul. I directly called all my friends to join me for this event. 



I discovered Küçükçiftlik Park two weeks ago when I went to the "Garden Sale" event, where designers showed their work in small tents accompanied by good life music, food and drinks. Woodkid's heroic music needs a great venue, not just in space, but also in its atmosphere. I think the location at Küçükçiftlik Parki offers nothing less than that. 


kucukciftlik park


The line up for the fifth adidas all originals festival in Istanbul, ranging from the American DJ Felix da Housecat and local DJ Fakepakt, to the British singer-songwriter Chlöe Howl and the Turkish singer Gaye Su Akyol, promises a diverse range of music and entertainment throughout the day and night. 


Before Woodkid released his first EP "Iron", he was best known as a music video director and graphic designer. His EP "Iron" is autobiographical, telling the story of a young boy growing up. His music makes you feel like you are part of a mysterious film about life, taking you all in on this journey when it becomes your own. The orchestra sounds, ranging from all enclosing drums and trumpets to the soft sounds of the violin, really make you feel like a hero on your own. 



I read all about Woodkid's incredible live performances and I am thrilled to experience it myself. Anyone who does not just want to be part of a brilliant concert at a great venue, but wishes to be part of a night which promises a marvelous story to tell, should not wait to get their tickets for this year's adidas all original festival at Küçükçiftlik Park (Location).


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