Who is Sinan the Architect?

Irmak Pınar
17 August, 2014

Sinan the Architect (ca. 1489 – 1588) is the most famous Ottoman figure after the Sultans. He is considered to be an “architect genius” and designed more than 300 major structures in addition to other, more modest ones. He worked for Suleiman the Magnificent, Selim II and Murad III. He is known mainly for his moques, mausoleums and palaces. His masterpiece is the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne.

His apprenticeship work is Şehzade Mosque in Fatih and his qualification stage work Süleymaniye Mosque in Fatih. The Mihrimah Sultan Mosque in Üsküdar is also one of his predominant works. Out of his mausoleums the ones belonging to Rüstem Paşa and Selim II are the most beautiful.

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Irmak Pınar

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