Where would James Bond go for a drink in Istanbul?

Kaan Çağlar
31 March, 2016

Although the Vodka Martini, "shaken not stirred," is known to be the choice of James Bond, it is not the only one by far. There are many mixed drinks, which the famous spy gets to enjoy through his adventures in both the movies and Ian Fleming's novels and all of them are classic cocktails (other than the Vesper) - JB does have great taste. 

Average Vodka Martini might be better known in Bond's adventures, it is the Vesper Martini that is the "true" Bond Martini as it was first mentioned and the one that he claims to have invented in Casino Royale (and the only martini he actually drinks in the movies or novels). The recipe for the Vesper is explained in Ch. 7 as follows and is named for the lovely Vesper.


'A dry Martini,' he said. 'One. In a deep champagne goblet.'

'Qui, Monsiur.' 

'Just a moment. Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large slice of lemon-peel. Got it?'



If I were James Bond, then I guess I would go to Vogue Restaurant & Bar. They have been one of the most popular and upscale bars in town since they opened their doors about 15 years ago. Vogue is located on the top floor of Besiktas Plaza, one of the three major league soccer teams' HQ. They have a spectacular view, and are famous for their martinis. I'm sure the bartenders would easily be able to make James Bond happy.  Location


James Bond, or 007, would definitely have his vodka martini at the Orient Bar in The Pera Palace Hotel, where he could enjoy the historical and magical atmosphere.

After a short talk with a mysterious woman at the bar (me), he drops any other plans and takes her (me) to Karakoy's Gradiva Hotel, a spot with options for every mood. He may listen to talented young Turkish musicians at the hotel's jazz club, Nublu Istanbul.

Afterwards, he'll enjoy the view from Zelda Zonk, the rooftop restaurant / bar.

By then, he will be drinking "love juice," the bartender's special cocktail. Enjoy James!                                                                                                     

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