Where would Indiana Jones go for a drink in Istanbul?

Zeren Ozdamar
31 March, 2016


I used to dream about Indiana Jones visiting Istanbul in the days I was following the TV series Young Indiana Jones, I always had thought of him in Beyoglu, visiting Cicek Pasaji in the morning hours and not drinking, just walking around Beyoglu on a rainy afternoon or staring at the fireplace, at a personal library of a Turkish book collector at the back of an old store on Istiklal Street, as they chat about a lost manuscript. I guess he might as well return to Cicek Pasaji for the evening to get some drinks. He could also visit the lobby of Grand Hotel de Londres (Buyuk Londra Oteli) to meet an old friend and share his stories over a bottle of scotch. 


I guess he would then head to Pano Sarap Evi in Beyoglu to meet a greek kernel escaping from Nazis and would finally return to his room to rest in a small hotel by the Galata Tower to find out that someone, perhaps Russian spies, broke in and went through his luggage.

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Zeren Ozdamar

made in Istanbul, served in Cleveland, lived in Japan, tries in Eskisehir. blooming cinephile. speaks turkish and english. studies japanese.

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