Where can you buy art from local artists?

Zeren Ozdamar
31 March, 2016

If you are looking for art work by more experienced and well known artists, Galerist in Tepebasi, BEYOGLU and Rampa in Akaretler, BESIKTAS would be ideal. For the works of younger and lesser known artists, you can try some of the many galleries in Tophane. Tophane neighborhood is perhaps the best place to find works of up-and-coming Turkish artists and it is also the home of Istanbul Modern. For art that you can use (bags, furniture etc.) IKSV design in Sishane, BEYOGLU and Autoban in Akaretler, BESIKTAS.


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Zeren Ozdamar

made in Istanbul, served in Cleveland, lived in Japan, tries in Eskisehir. blooming cinephile. speaks turkish and english. studies japanese.

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