What's Rakı?

Kaan Çağlar
21 April, 2015

Rakı is one of the most traditional Turkish alcoholic beverages consumed on a regular basis by the people of Turkey. It is an unsweetened anise based drink, which is traditionally produced by twice distilling grape pomace (or grape pomace that has been mixed with ethanol) in traditional copper alembics, and flavoring it with aniseed.

In general, it is consumed with Turkish appetizers/tapas (mezes) and fish during long lasting dinners. Due to its alcohol content (about 48%), it is very easy to get drunk on it, unless one is being careful while consuming it. Some people like to drink şalgam (fermented carrot juice) or ayran (salty yogurt drink like lasse) along with it. Though, water is most the common chaser among all choices. 

Rakı is commonly consumed in a skinny glass and it is offered in three different ways:

Sek: Like the sec in French, it means drinking it neat, sometimes with ice in it. However, the ice makes the rakı crystalize and would ruin it.

Tek: Meaning single. You need to mix 4cl. of rakı with water, then add ice on top of it.

Duble: Meaning double. You add 8cl. of rakı into a glass, then water and top it with ice. 


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Kaan Çağlar

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