What are the best wine bars in Istanbul?

Caroline Sanders
19 March, 2015

Contrary to what you might think, wine is certainly not a new phenomenon in Istanbul. The first wines were brought to the shores of the Bosphorus in 685 B.C. by the Greeks and from then on, winemaking became a tradition and part of Turkish culture. Most of the wine bars are located in the Galata district.  


Büyük Hendek Cd, Galata, Istanbul  

Sensus is a very nice and cosy wine bar right across the Galata Tower. They serve traditional Turkish wines in combination with a broad variety of Turkish and international cheeses, altogether for a very good price. From 4 people Sensus offers tastings as well.    

Kayra Wine Center

Kayra is among one of the most famous wine houses in Turkey. Don't forget to try their vintage wines, they are absolutely delicious!  

Viktor Levi Sarap Evi

Hüseyinağa Mh. Hamalbaşı Caddesi No:12, Istanbul  

This wine bar is situated in a beautiful historical building and is the oldest wine bar in Istanbul. Please don't compare the wines they serve with the 'grand vins' from Burgundy or Bordeaux, but the setting is great and so is the experience!

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