What are the best tattoo parlors in Istanbul? | Part 2

Emily Von Kohorn
13 May, 2014

For the best tattoo parlors in Istanbul, check out the spots below, in both Europe and Asia. Foursquare list with map available here.

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Bunny King Tattoo, Kadikoy.

Bunny King gets raves for original designs and great color.

Bunny King Custom Ink - Istanbul from Bobby on Vimeo.

Matkap Tattoo

Savas Dogan via an email, he is a great artist. His studio is in Kadıköy http://www.matkaptattoo.com/, and his email address is inktotalart@gmail.com 


— Matkap Tattoo (@matkaptattoo) June 21, 2013


A very talented cool chic known for her full body tattoos. 

Check out her blog, website, instagram account, twitter, or email her. 

Roots Tattoo, Kadikoy.

Founded in 2011, Roots' young, talented artists specialize in intricate custom designs.


Galata Tattoo, Galata.

Galata Tattoo loves to work with color, including airbrush and graffiti-style designs.


Golden Arrow Tattoo & Piercing, Kadikoy.

Golden Arrow has award-winning artists and can get quite busy - so call ahead.


Inkstanbul artcore, Kadikoy.

Known as an old-school spot, it features Danny Garcia, tattooing in Istanbul since 1997.


Negatif Body Art, Kadikoy.

Negatif designs in a broad range of styles.

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