What Are The Best Tattoo Parlors in Istanbul? | Part 1

Emily Von Kohorn
29 August, 2015

For the best tattoo parlors in Istanbul, check out the spots below, in both Europe and Asia. Foursquare list with map available here.

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Diagon Tattoo, Bagdat Caddesi.

Opened in 2000 by art school grads, Diagon has a big catalogue to choose from or will create custom designs.


Vaso Vasiko, Taksim.

In the center of town, these guys are "old school, new school, and Japanese style," according to friends in the know.



Cebecizade, Nisantasi. An individual tattoo artist from a seriously artsy family, Emre Cebeci does his own designs, including takes on Ottoman script. Check out his website or this article for images.


Kronik Tatto

Kronik Tattoo. The artist, Kobay, works out of his home and has gotten international recognition for his ambitious work. Check out his facebook page for more information and images.


Lithium Tattoo

Budakan Tamer. He is a great artist, and used to be the president of Turkish Tattoo Federation. You can find him at Lithium Tattoo


Koray Karagozler 

Koray Karagozler has a different way of coloring the body. Click the link to see what I mean by saying "different way of coloring": https://www.facebook.com/koray.karagozler/photos_stream

in progress pic.twitter.com/AhPLlEnP

— Koray Karagözler (@koraykaragozler) November 8, 2012
See-Also : What are the best tattoo parlors in Istanbul? | Part 2
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