What Are The Best Places For Turkish Ravioli, Mantı?

Jen Welter-Çaylı
05 June, 2014

One food Turkey is most known for is manti, you can think of it as a dumpling or as Turkey’s answer to the ravioli. There is a vast array of manti to choose from and all are delicious. Here is are some restaurants to get you started on your manti exploration.


Serving Istanbul for over 30 years, Casita it not only a place for excellent traditional and fried manti, but it is also a favorite of local celebrities. Casita has expanded to many convenient locations, so while in Istanbul why not check one out? Maybe you will get lucky and see a star!

Sinop Manti

While there is nothing quite like eating the real thing in Sinop, eating at Sinop Manti in Besiktas will have to suffice. What makes this manti special is it’s thinly rolled dough as well as it’s walnut topping. It’s simply decadent.

Bodrum Manti

With several locations now in Istanbul, Bodrum Manti takes the standard manti to a new level by deep frying the dumplings. This is certainly not health food, but hey, you are on vacation.

Hingal Manti

What separates these manti from their Turkish counterparts? The answer is their origin. Hingal Manti hail from Dagestan and are quite unique. They are not only delicious but also visually appealing with their rainbow of colored and flavored dumplings to choose from. Foodies don’t miss out on this.

Sayla Manti

This Kadikoy restaurant was opened in 1969 making it a bit of a Turkish institution. The house made dumplings at Sayla Manti are what keep people returning however their pickles are noteworthy as well.


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