What are the best food blogs about Istanbul?

Emily Von Kohorn
31 March, 2016

Istanbul's legendary culinary scene has inspired countless food and culture blogs. Find some of the best restaurants, cafes, markets and recipes through these expert eaters:

Istanbul Eats: the classic back-streets, cheap-eats guide to Istanbul's culinary wonders. The founders also host walking tours attended by tourists and expats alike.

Delicious Istanbul is the brainchild of Olga Irez, a Russian expat who also hosts food tours and a monthly breakfast club.

Crisp, drool-inducing photography and a charmingly blunt style sets Tuba Satana's Istanbul Food apart. With a background in the food and beverage industry, she suffers no sub-par meals and even includes disappointments in her "Sorry, but no..." section.

Katie Parla may not live in Istanbul, but she knows her kebap from her kokorec. Check out Parla Food for an impressively local take on the city.

Similarly, Robyn Eckhart and David Hagerman of Eating Asia travel broadly but have gone deep in Turkey - now even planning some collaborations with Delicious Istanbul.

Want to eat your way through Istanbul, but geographically challenged? Among the better English-language sources for Turkish recipes is Almost Turkish, written in an engaging style with generally foolproof instructions. 

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Emily Von Kohorn

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