Thriving Art Scene In Istanbul: Haliç Congress Center is hosting the 2nd ArtInternational

Eva Tanz
01 October, 2014

To fully understand a country and its culture, art is a great way to start. Through different artistic expressions a world can be brought closer to you and language barriers lose importance. The art scene in Istanbul is thriving. Galleries exhibit young Turkish and international artist all over town. The art scene in Istanbul enjoys an ever-greater international recognition, well influenced through the art fair ArtInternational.



ArtInternational is going into its second round this weekend, from Friday 26th of September to Sunday 28th of September 2014 at Haliç Congress Center in Sütlüce. The fair hosts a wider range of Turkish, European and U.S. artists. What makes ArtInternational so special is that through Turkey's geographical position also Middle Eastern and Asian artists are present. ArtInternational breaks down barriers and brings the art world a bit closer together in this flourishing city. 



ArtInternational does not only display the work of about 400 artists, but also organizes panel discussions between curators and artists. The pier in front of Haliç Congress Center hosts "By the Waterside", a collection of sculptural artworks, which you can enjoy with a backdrop view of the Golden Horn. The film-screening program of ArtInternational "An Epidemic of Amnesia" tries to catch different approaches and realities of political, cultural and social happenings in the world from national and international artists.



The fair is open on Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Sunday from from 12:00pm to 6:00pm. Tickets can be purchased at the venue itself or via biletix. 



After the fair's VIP preview night the doors are now open to everyone who would like to enjoy the incredible diverse range of art. ArtInternational gives you the opportunity to know the Turkish culture further through its art scene and also within an international interplay. Haliç Congress Center is not only a great central location but also a beautiful pier from which to enjoy the city. 

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