The Ultimate Horseback Riding Guide For Istanbul and Around

Hayal Koç
16 April, 2015

With the 4th Annual Istanbul Horse Show just around the corner (May 15-17th), you may be itching to learn or practice your own horseback riding skills. Luckily there are several options, take your pick!

For those who say…


Convenience comes first:


Istanbul Atlı Spor Kulübü

Conveniently located in Maslak, this equestrian club is one of the oldest and most popular in the city. It has 3 indoor manages and 2 outdoor manages and offers professional training as well as lessons. It also houses many competitions that spectators can also watch. Only downside is that it can be crowded and doesn’t offer the serenity other locations do. Lessons are 120TL/45 mins.


I’m willing to travel a little farther to feel like I’m in nature:


Göçmen Ranch in Zekeriyaköy

Close enough to the city that you can visit often but far enough so that you’re surrounded by beautiful nature, the facility was originally designed as a ranch, so children will love all the live animals and friendly service. The compound also has a nice restaurant and offers a horse care and storage. Lessons are 110TL/45 mins.


Alkuzu Binicilik & At Pansiyonculuğu

This hidden gem in Kemerburgaz is located inside a lush forest and offers quaint log houses and a delicious breakfast . Lessons are 80TL/lesson (adults), 65TL for children. Also provides lessons for handicapped riders.



I want to make the whole family happy!:


Kemer Golf & Country Club

The Pony Club at this beautiful, spacious compound has 5 manages and regularly hosts both local and international competitions. It also offers a full suite of services for horseback riders, from storage to purchasing of equipment. In addition to horseback riding, the club offers a wellness spa and tennis, golf and basketball lessons. Everyone will leave happy! Lessons are 150TL/30 mins.


I must get out of the city for the day!:


Gürman Binicilik Kulübü

Between Istanbul and Edirne and overlooking Büyükçekmece Lake, this scenic equestrian club is both relaxing and challenging, as the trainers are known to be tough! The club also has a nice restaurant and accommodations if you just can’t bring yourself to return to the city!  Lessons are 80TL/lesson.


I want to make a weekend of it!:


Erkanlı Country Club

Head to Erkanlı Country Club in Silivri if you’re looking for peace and quiet in addition to quality horseback riding lessons and facilities. The club’s closed manage is particularly a nice refuge in the winter and the club also offers a spa and rustic accommodations. Lessons are 75TL/lesson.


Dila Country Club & Atlı Spor Kulübü

Dila Country Club & Atlı Spor Kulübü is in Polonezköy. About an hour from the city, the compound is truly a rural retreat and is ideal for children as well. The club has a total of 4 manages and offers a full suite of services for horseback riders.


I’m an experienced rider and want a club that caters to me:


International K9 & Horse Club

International K9&Horse Club is for you. Located about an hour outside the city in Büuükçekmece, this spacious equestrian club specializes in lessons for advanced riders in beautiful surroundings.  Lessons are 100TL/45mins.


I want to take lessons in my native language:


Galatasaray Binicilik Kulübü

Then Galatasaray Binicilik Kulübü in Maslak is for you. Riding lessons are provided by a well-trained staff for both adults and children in English, French and German. Although the facility is small, the club also offers lessons in soccer, basketball, and volleyball.


Please make sure to call each location before going – prices/hours may have changed. Also almost all clubs offer discounts for multiple lessons. 

The 4th Annual Istanbul Horse Show will be held at İstanbul Atlı Spor Kulübü, Maslak, İstanbul.

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Hayal Koç

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