The Golden Mile: Fancy Nightlife in Istanbul Explained

Kaan Çağlar
02 May, 2015

Golden Mile is the name of super fancy district where the superclubs of Istanbul reside. The name was coined by the expat community in Istanbul. The district is located on the shoreline between Ortakoy and Kurucesme, where the legs of Bosphorus bridge lands on Europe. These clubs are known for their hard to pass bouncers, extreme prices, and high maintenance but very attractive Turkish lady customers.

It's a must-see show in Istanbul, where you are going to be able to count how many Ferrari owners live in Istanbul, dance with Turkish models - if you are lucky enough-, order perfect coctails, witness the latest fashion trends is Istanbul, and watch people dock their yachts in the front of the clubs and join the party. Most of these clubs have top-notch restaurants located inside their facilities. You can reserve a table for a delicious late night dinner before the party starts and skip the crowds at the door -I definitely recommend this to gentlemens that are planning on going to clubs without girls because the bouncers are very though to pass. Don't forget: Best nights are Friday and Saturdays.


Anjelique is an award-winning restaurant/bar/club with an amazing interior architecture full of curvilinear lines located in a 3 story sea-side mansion. The food is great and the music is different on each floor housing world-known DJs, which creates a great atmosphere. You will locate the paparazzis waiting outside, since this place is a hot spot among celebrities. It is located right next to the Bosphorus, so the view of the bridge, the strait, the Asian side is pretty spectacular. Location



Reina has been the most famous night-club in Istanbul for a long time. Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Sting, Michael Schumacher are just a few of the celebrities who were hosted by this fine dining and dancing club. The massive club space is located along a sleek veranda with terraced restaurants and a bar facing the amazing view of the Bosphorus bridge. The crowd is pretty diverse and hot ranging between late-20s and early-40s presenting their dancing skills to electronic music, Turkish house hits while showing off their couture club wear. Location


Supperclub is one of the world famous franchise nightclubs like Pacha, Crobar, and Nikki Beach. Every Supperclub offer a lounge-themed eatery and the trendiest tunes that satisfy their customers in that region. Supperclub in Shanghai may feature more electronic beats while San Francisco branch aims toward hip-hop rhythms. In Supperclub Istanbul, you are going to find all-white decor illuminated with some mellow neon lighting. The dining room is separated from main bar via a freestyle lounge area with cushy white pillows. The food will be great, and the service will make you very happy, if you reserve one of the more expensive tables. Amazingly, the house music slowly gathers crowds around the dance floor till it becomes a big dance party at the end of the night -oops! morning.  Location


Sortie has a feel of a boutique hotel landed on the shores of Bosphorus Strait by party gods bringing people, great food and music together on a 3500 square meter all-white designed space. Sortie recently started serving year-round with 7 restaurants providing Turkish and International cuisines to jetsetters. Again another spot with a spectacular view of Bosphorus strait, the Bridge and the scenic view of the neighboring continent, Asia.  Location


Suada Club is located on the very only island among the Bosphorus strait. This island was a gift from the Ottoman Sultan, Abdulaziz, to the master architect of the palace, Sarkis Balyan. In the late 50's, it was purchased by the president of Galatasaray S.K., one of the three largest sports club of Istanbul, and became a facility for the sports team and board member meetings. In the recent years, it was rented to a wealthy business man, who turned it into a restaurant, bar and a pool lounge and named it Suada, Water Island. During the summer days, people can use the pool lounge to relax all day, and come back at night when it turns into a restaurant lounge and night club. There are free shuttle boats located in the Kurucesme shore carrying customers to the island frequently. Location


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