The Boutique Hotels with the Best Terrace View in Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Nihal Razı
22 April, 2015

Burckin Suites Hotel

Having 40 rooms decorated in Ottoman style, with special paintings, hand-made carpets and Ottoman rescripts on its walls, Burckin Suites Hotel is only  20 meters(65 ft) to the cistern of philoxenos and within walking distance to all the attractions around Sutanahmet. Grand Bazaar where you can feel all colors of Old Istanbul is only 200 meters(656 ft) to the hotel. There are also sultan signed rescripts of Ottoman period in the rooms. As a boutique hotel in the middle of the Old City, the hotel offers great service for its guests. A Turkish-style tea lounge with Ottoman carpets and silver tea jugs is also in the service of its guests. Car and yacht renting is provided upon request. For the guests staying 4 or more nights, the hotel offers one-way free transportation from Ataturk Airport. The last but not the least, its rooftop terrace, where you can feel the Old City, has a unique view of the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Bosphorus.



Hotel Amira Istanbul

Located in Sultanahmet, Hotel Amira is a luxury boutique hotel, in a walking distance to all the attractions. With its 35 specially-designed, modern Baroque style decorated rooms, this boutique hotel is offering professional service with its diverse amenities, such as a wellness center, a Finnish sauna and a wood-paneled hot tub. After a tiring day, you can relax in the "Complimentary 5 O'Clock Tea Buffet". Hotel Amira has the Travelers' Choice® 2013 Winner award of the website Tripadvisor. Babysitting, bicycle rental and airport shuttle services are provided upon request. As a means of enjoying your drinks and watching the sunset, its terrace is a perfect choice.    

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Hotel Ibrahim Pasha

Located on a central but quiet street of historical Sultanahmet, Hotel Ibrahim Pasha is a merging of two turn-of-the-20th-century Ottoman homes. Its roof-top terrace offers a beautiful view of the Blue Mosque and Marmara Sea, along with a bar in the service of the hotel’s guests. The rooms are decorated in a way that modernity and neo-classical style is blended. Airport transportation,  daily city tours and private guided tours are provided upon request.  

The hotel is named after the neighbouring 16th century Ottoman palace (now the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum) built by Ibrahim Pasha, the most popular Grand Vizier of Ottoman history.




Hotel Turkoman

Located next to the Turkish and Islamic art museum, Hotel Turkoman blends tradition with modernity. It offers an open buffet breakfast on its terrace with a unique view of the Old City. The main attractions are one-minute walking distance from the hotel. As a small boutique hotel with 18 rooms in service, it is decorated with antique furniture and hand-made carpets. For accommodation more than 4 nights, there is one way free airport transfer service available. Pets are also allowed in this hotel.



Celal Sultan Hotel

Within walking distance to all attractions around Sultanahmet, Celal Sultan Hotel has 55 rooms including standard, suite, deluxe and superior rooms. Its roof-top, open-air terrace features panoramic views of the city and the Bosphorus. At the hotel’s Ata Restaurant, you may find specialities of Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine as well as many examples of international cuisines. For the guests staying 3 or more nights, one way free airport pickup service from Ataturk Airport is available. Babysitting can also be provided upon request. For animal lovers: Pets are allowed without extra charges.



Hotel Sari Konak

Owned and run by Mr. and Mrs. Okan, Hotel Sari Konak is only 150 yards from the Blue Mosque. This boutique hotel is like a modernised wooden Turkish house. As an old Ottoman mansion, the hotel was renovated in 1996. Classically furnished, Hotel Sari Konak offers an authentic atmosphere in the middle of the Old City. In the morning , you can have your breakfast in the courtyard outside where a fountain plays and an ancient Byzantine wall encloses you. Its terrace, where you can unwind, offers a great view of the Blue Mosque and Marmara Sea. The view from the terrace is much better in the evenings. Airport transportation is available upon request and if you stay 7 nights or more, the hotel pays your taxi fee. Daily city tours and private tourist guides are also provided upon request.

hotel sari konak, boutique hotel


Berce Hotel

Berce Hotel is a brand new special class boutique hotel in Sultanahmet, having  most of the amenities a five star hotel has. Serving with its 7 rooms, this boutique hotel makes you feel like home. Its famous roof-top terrace, where you can have your breakfast and have your drink with the magnificent view of the Marmara Sea, old town and the Blue Mosque, has a panoramic view. Berce Hotel has received Travelers' Choice® 2013 Winner award of the travel website Tripadvisor.  



Osmanhan Hotel

Osmanhan Hotel asserts that it offers the ultimate in luxury and glamour of a genuine Ottoman House in the Old City. The attractions are, in a walking distance, around 300 meters(980 ft) away from the hotel. Its roof-top terrace, where you can enjoy the buffet breakfast, is famous for the great view of the Blue Mosque and Marmara Sea. Airport transportation is provided upon request.


osmanhan hotel, boutique hotel, istanbul


Ada Hotel Istanbul

As a family-run boutique hotel with a home atmosphere, Ada Hotel Istanbul is located in a side street away from the crowds and noisy streets of the city in Sultanahmet. In a walking distance to the main attractions, the hotel has a terrace with the breathtaking view of the Marmara Sea and the Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Mosque. Among its amenities are free calling to US and Canada, jacuzzi in most rooms, open buffet breakfast served at the terrace and free pickup from Ataturk International Airport with a private car for stays of 3 or more days.



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