Shopping for the Best Sports Gear in Istanbul

Basak Topcu
13 May, 2015

Best shopping places for sporting goods? Like many other metropolitan cities, Istanbul is full of shopping places. There are lots of shopping malls, outlets, stores on streets and bazaars. If you are seeking for a sporting goods, than you do not have to worry for a second. It is most likely to find at least one shopping mall in every neighborhood. These shopping malls have at least one sports brand store such as Adidas, Nike, Newbalance, Asics, Colombia, Reebook, Converse. These brands are also found in most popular and trendy districts such as Istiklal Caddesi, Bağdat Caddesi, Nişantaşı and Kadıköy. 

RunOutdoor, (here is their facebook page) is the answer for the right running shoe. This store is focused on running goods and has an excellent service. If you are looking for most proper running shoe, this is the place you must visit. It  is centrically located, Ortaköy, just in front of Four Season hotel, 5 minutes walking from Besiktas. In   this store, before a shoe is recommended by salesperson, first foot base is analyzed by thermal pad.   If preferred, advanced examination is performed on running machine to analyze how you step as you run. Depending on these results, most suitable shoes are recommended within various brands.

Decathlon is a huge store where there are different kinds of sporting goods for running, hiking, skiing, swimming, biking. In this store, besides regular sporting wears, you may find skis, snowboards,  hiking boats, camping tents, backpacks, bicycles. Decathlon has sporting goods private label called Kalenji, which is cheaper than branded sporting goods and has good quality. Decathlon with its full range is like a sporting goods heaven It is located in Istanbul’s largest shopping mall, “Forum İstanbul”, a little far away from city center, Taksim. 

For hiking and outdoor sports goods, there are various choices in city center that have full outdoor sports range: Adrenalin Outdoor is located in Karaköy & Beşiktaş.  

Adventure Republic is located in Kızıltoprak (Kadiköy), Cihangir, Levent & Nişantaşı, Bike & Outdoor is located in Fenerbahce & Besiktas.   

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