On a Budget: Two Day Itinerary For Sultanahmet, The Old City Istanbul (Day 2)

Erin West
28 April, 2014

Day Two: Diving into Turkish cuisine and culture.

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@9:30am - Breakfast-- Sultanahmet Tram Stop

On the busy street around the Sultanahmet tram stop there are several little places that will serve breakfast. Go for the menemen- scrambled eggs with tomato and peppers. It’s super cheap, about 6TL.

Sultanahmet Tram Stop Location

@10:30am - Shopping - Grand Bazaar

Take your time in this historic covered market. If you’re looking for non-wallet-breaking souvenirs for friends, evil eye amulets can be as little as 1 TL.

Grand Bazaar Location

@12:00pm - Tasting - Egyptian Spice Bazaar

Take in all the vibrant colors and smells of this food wonderland. Pick up some Turkish Delight to save for after lunch- and don’t be shy about trying flavors before you buy! A good portion for two to split would be around 5TL.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar Location

@1:00pm - Lunch - Street Food

At each entrance to the bazaar there are tons of great options for street food. This time go for pide (Turkish pizza shaped like a long canoe) or for go for çiğ köfte, a unique dish made of bulgar wheat and tomatoes which then gets wrapped in lettuce.

@2:00pm - Sightseeing - Rustem Pasa Mosque

This small mosque can be difficult to find, but with its stunning tiling and few tourists, it is a great break from the hectic surroundings and is truly a hidden gem.

Rustem Pasa Mosque Location

@3:00pm - Sightseeing - Eyüp Mosque and Cemetery

Getting here takes a bit of work. Options include an hourly ferry on the Golden Horn, city buses 399 B, C, and D, or a taxi of course. This impressive mosque is surrounded by a fascinating Ottoman cemetery where lots of important people are buried!

Eyup Sultan Mosque Location

@6:00pm - Relax - Pierre Loti Cafe

This cafe is known for being the haunt of French writer Pierre Loti but even more famous for its cute checkered tablecloths and stunning view of the Golden Horn. Drink in the view and that famous Turkish tea.

Pierre Loti Location

@8:00pm - Dinner - Galata Bridge

Fish sandwiches are a must-try when in the city. “Balık ekmek” is a magical creation composed of freshly fried fish with red onions, lettuce, and tomato stuffed in a hefty, soft loaf of bread. These are found under the bridge for just 5TL!

Galata Bridge Location

Erin West

Girls’ school graduate turned globe trotter, Erin is spending her gap year in Istanbul. She keeps busy learning Turkish and inhaling figs like nobody’s business. Check out some of her adventures on burghtobul.tumblr.com.

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