My favorite three cafes in Karakoy, Istanbul

Ceren Solak
13 May, 2014

Dem Karakoy

cafe dem karakoy

If you're a tea lover, you'll love Dem. Dem means the state of being steeped in Turkish. There are over 50 different kinds of tea from all around the world. Black, white, red, green, herbs, chocolate etc. anything and any color you can imagine comes in a tea form in this place. You can get your tea in a cup or in a pot. The way they serve it is cute and delightful. The decoration and the place itself is very nice as well with very friendly staff. It is actually a tiny cafe, so in the weekends, sometimes you have to get on the wait-list at the door to be seated. But trust me, it is worth the wait. There's no big meals on the menu, but you can get savory snacks and yummy desserts to accompany your tea.

Nar Dükkan

nar dukkan, karakoy istanbul

Nar Dükkan is a very nice cafe-restaurant. They have a rich menu with lots of different options. Portions are big so keep that in mind when you're ordering. They don't have a patio but they put tables on the street when it's nice outside. Inside in there's also a communal table. If you're alone you can join others if you like. The prices are average for Karaköy neighborhood. Not too expensive, totally doable.


Karabatak Cafe, Karakoy, Istanbul

This nice cafe is the new trending hipster central of İstanbul. Though the demographics are shifting as the place becomes more popular, it still manages to give you the experience you’re looking for. Whether you’d like to work, or meet with a friend, or just hang out on your own with its cool decor, good taste of music, delicious coffee and tea selection and yummy items on the menu this place garantees that you’ll have a nice time. If you like green tea, I recommend mohr bliss. The prices are within Karaköy price range which means well-above average but not crazy expensive. The place is usually packed in the weekends, especially when the weather is nice.

Cafes Karakoy
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