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Are the movies at the Turkish theaters dubbed?

There are plenty of theaters that play movies in English that are subtitles in Turkish....

30 June, 2014

Where are the dive bars located in Istanbul?

Near Taksim is considered the more hipster scene. There are a lot of little bars that...

31 March, 2016

Do most shops take American credit cards?

Yes they do. But not all US debit cards. It depends on the bank. I have had problems at...

30 June, 2014

Where are some good places to go fishing?

There are a ton of fishermen along the bosphorus on both the european and Asian side....

31 March, 2016

Which sports events are a must see for travelers?

In Turkey futbol is king. Futbol games are a must see when in Istanbul. You will find...

31 March, 2016

Do Turkish people follow American celebrities?

Yes they do. There are plenty of celebs that they admire. A prime example would be...

31 March, 2016