Barkın Özdemir
08 June, 2014

I live in Istanbul but do i know the real Istanbul?

Everyday i discover something in Istanbul, what a unique city. I can not get bored in this city. When i go to Istanbul's streets i always find a new intresting streets, graffiti, cafes and so on...

I try to discover secret beauties along with narrow streets and colours. I never really like Istanbul when I compare it with other cities around the world but it always felt like Istanbul was hiding something deep inside it. And I was the one who needed to find out all those beauties and I have eventually done it…!!

 Firstly, my way started in taksim metro station  and i found a exhibition. This artwork was made by handicapped people.

Then i visited my favourite place in Istanbul. It calls Urband and mostly people dont know this area. For this reason its getting more attractive for me.

Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure.

And you know that Istanbul's cats are indispensable, you can find themi everywhere

After that i walked to Galata , i took photo from Galata Tower

By the way, i visited Salt Galata. I dont know reason but i really like this musuem also it has good library, sometime i come this museum for just studying and resting

My friends from instagram was in Salt Galata

And i passed my favourite stairs in Istanbul, Its name is so difficult to pronunciatin, i always confuse, Kamondo Stairs

i  had needed to drink coffee before and i went to my favoutire cafe in Istanbul, it is very small but i has lost of thing. Decoration, cartoon, graffiti...

Time to go, i didnt want to miss sunset and the best place in istanbul for sunset is Galata Bridge

This is my simple Istanbul day, this tiny Galata 


Barkın Özdemir

Student | 19 | Istanbul usually

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