How to Work and Travel During Covid-19

Marjorie Paredes

Covid-19 has brought about new challenges in terms of working and travel. Nevertheless, these are both essential human functions. One provides us with our income so that we can survive. The other helps us fight the stir-crazy feeling that is all too common these days. 

This article will aim to answer two pressing questions in the age of the coronavirus. First, we will talk about how you can make money by working remotely. Whether you are looking to capitalize on these days without a commute, or switch into an entirely new career path that allows you to permanently work remotely - we’ve got you covered. 

Secondly, we will discuss how you can travel safely during these uncertain times. That includes what to expect if you opt to fly, and the proper quarantining process. Let’s get started.


Become a Web Developer 

Looking for a great remote-based side hustle, or a new career? Consider becoming a Web developer. These are the programmers who build the parts of websites and software programs that you interact with, also known as the user interface. The user interface encompasses parts of a website or software program such as search bars, hyperlinks, and data entry points.

All you need to become a Web developer is a solid laptop or desktop computer, and knowledge of programming skills like Python and Java. Have a computer but no coding skills? Simple fix - attend a coding bootcamp.


What Is a Coding Bootcamp?

Not familiar with the new wave of tech education hotbeds known as coding bootcamps? These short-term programs have shot to the top of the list of the best ways to learn a new skill, like coding, which you will need in your new Web development venture.

A coding bootcamp is like a hyper-condensed university programming degree. With options including full-time and part-time, in-person, online, and self-paced, you are bound to find a program that is right for you. The average bootcamp grad finished their program in just a couple months.

They definitely aren’t free, but they are certainly cheaper - and much more efficient - than a traditional university alternative. Need help financing your path toward your new coding skills? No problem. Most coding schools like Hack Reactor offer what is known in the bootcamp world as an ISA. This is short for Income Sharing Agreement. These re-engineered student loans are the tech world’s answer to the crippling student debt crisis currently gripping the US. An ISA allows you to borrow money for your tuition and living expenses. This is a major help for those who elect to join a full-time program. 

Once you graduate, you will pay back your ISA loan in monthly installments, much like a traditional student loan. The difference is that your payment structure is up to you, and can be set based on your salary in your new job. This gives you the freedom to actually enjoy your new venture as a Web developer, whether it’s a part-time hustle, or a new full-blown career. 

Looking for coding bootcamps in your city? Career Karma has compiled an extensive list of the best NYC bootcamps, as well as the best LA bootcamps. They will serve as your guide to what bootcamps you should attend, and why. 

So now that you know where to look for one of the best side hustles or a new career, let’s talk about the second main point of this article - how to enjoy safe travel during COVID-19.


How to Travel Safely During Covid-19

You’ve scored your great new remote-based income. Now it’s time to enjoy the benefits of working wherever, whenever. Afterall, it’s this very freedom that leads so many to a remote-based lifestyle. So can you do it after the outbreak of Covid-19?

Well, to start, though your international flight plans might be on hold for a while, domestic travel is still alive and well. In fact, many air travelers are reporting higher satisfaction levels when it comes to flying. This is due to less-crowded flights allowing for more personal space.

You will likely need to quarantine for 10 days, or even up to two weeks once you arrive at your destination. The total amount of quarantine time will vary by state. Luckily, working remotely means that you can still accomplish tasks, even if you can’t get to the office. All you need is your laptop, Internet, and those new coding skills.


Get Out There and Enjoy the Remote-Work Lifestyle

You learned your new skills through a coding bootcamp. You have launched your new web development venture. Now it’s time to get out there and enjoy all that remote work has to offer. It’s true that Covid-19 has restricted some types of travel, but you can still hop on a domestic flight, or hit the open road - all while enjoying the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. 

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