How much does a beer cost in Beyoglu nowadays?

John McCarroll
17 August, 2014

A beer is about 10TL (~ $6)

10 Tl would be a pretty expensive beer around here. That's normally the price for a Raki (which I love) or a glass of red wine (which can get variable- probably best to buy a good bottle). Beer is sold in 3 sizes around here 33cl, 50 cl and 75 cl. For a 33cl beer, prices go from 4-8 liras for an Efes. For imported beer, which will always be in a bottle, expect to pay 8-12 lira for 33cl. 50cl, which seems to be the go-to size  is normally from 5-9 liras, with most decent places charging 6-7. 75cls go for 7-11 liras normally.

By the way, a draft of beer is "fıçı bira" (fi-chey), whille a bottle is "sise" (She-shay). You'll probably only encounter Efes on draft, but if you chance upon Bomonti, I recommend it highly.

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John McCarroll

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