Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar

Orçun Dalarslan
11 July, 2014

I came to realize that I needed a new place to hang out in Istanbul. Two weeks ago, I discovered the newest spot in Cihangir: Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar. At Geyik (means “deer” in Turkish, hence the horns in the logo), you almost feel like you’re hanging out at your own place with your friends.

The owners of the café, Yağmur and Serkan, and the rest of the crew are the major reason for this. Also, in Cihangir, most people know each other. Especially, during weekdays, you can see the same locals hanging out at their own “backyard”, sitting on the sidewalks, drinking, and chatting and laughing all night. You will get to see many familiar faces. Even if you don’t know anyone, I bet you will start chatting with some people. It’s perhaps the most crowded spot in the street during night time...

Yağmur, originally an interior designer, is a coffee freak. Serkan is one of the Barista champions in Turkey. He is one of the most knowledgeable people in Turkey when it comes to coffee. Yağmur and Serkan met each other at their previous workplace in Bebek, they talked about their common dream of opening up a café, where they could meet “coffee freaks” like themselves and also challenge them. What they have achieved is pretty impressive, the place has become very popular in such a short time.

(The owners of Geyik: Serkan and Yağmur)

At Geyik, coffee beans are mostly imported from El Salvador, and some other Latin American countries. I’m not a coffee fan myself, but the baristas talk me into drinking a cup of coffee each time I visit them.


At night, Serkan’s famous cocktails take center stage: There is one specific cocktail that he usually prepares for me, and you can’t find it on the menu. Ask him for Orçun’s favorite cocktail :)

Now onto the interior design of the place: Yağmur took the reins and designed the place herself. Geyik is located on the basement floor of a 100-year-old building. You will notice the old fashioned tiles as you walk into the place. They give an extra hipster feel to it. During construction, they dug out the floor to reach the original tiles. Brick walls, wooden ceiling, and shelves are all adding up to the funky style of the place. It’s not surprising that the city’s hipsters are flocking to Geyik.


(Mint Mojito served with beer - in every sense of the word!)

You can find the Turkish version of the article here.

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