Flunk was in Istanbul!

Irmak Pınar
24 February, 2015

When one says Scandinavia, usually three things come to people’s mind: Vikings, metal music and the word “cold”. Moreover, if we think all the Scandinavian people as the heavy metal band Lordi, which was the winner of 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, we’d be mistaken spectacularly. Even one music group is enough to refute all these generalizations: Flunk.

(Lordi above)

Let me introduce the band first: Even though Flunk was born as a project of Ulf and Jo in 2000, its journey has started in 2001 when they made a one track agreement with Beatservice Records. When this unnamed band showed their track, in which Anja improvised the vocals, they immidiately got the full album promise out of the company. In year 2002, the Norwegian band that now known as Flunk, released their first single called “Blue Monday”. Their true outbreak happened with their first album “Morning Star” which was realeased in 2004.

When I first found out that Flunk was going to perform in Istanbul, thanks to bugunbugece.com, I was bouncing off the walls! Flunk is the answer to how to make magical songs with very simple lyrics. We sure have said “it’s just carrying you off…” for many bands up to the present but I think Flunk deserves that most.

Flunk performed in IKSV Salon, a concert hall in Sishane, last Friday. When me and my friend walked into the place, we were dissapointed to see few people around; but we're wrong! As soon as we went upstairs and settled, the hall started to get crowded. In IKSV Salon, there is always this disadvantage to sit upstairs: the band usually does not care much about people upstairs and you feel a bit like excluded from the atmosphere. However, when Anja waved at each of us before the band got started, she won our heart from the beginning!.

The band started with playing “Morning Star” and got big round of applause from us at the end as in other songs. Even more interesting, Anja thanked us in Turkish after every single applause. Ulf exhilarated us and also the band with his energy. The musicians were happy, the audience were happy; so the atmosphere was fantastic! Anja told the audience that it was a Norwegian tradition to cover a song and share it before the Christmas, then they started to play a great cover of “Down” which was one of the most popular songs of Flunk. At the end of the concert, the band literally tried to leave the stage for many times but they couldn’t resist to the applaud and came back at every turn. Further, Anja wanted us to choose one of the three songs that she suggested as the last song of the night but then they played all three of them, which was a very nice gesture.

In conclusion, we had one unforgettable night and also found out how one can push the limits of cuteness (talking about Anja here!). On the way out Anja, holding a beer on one hand, was having her photo taken with her fans. We stared her with our admiring eyes for a minute and then left the place. Finally, I want to thank to the bugunbugece.com team for conducing us to have this wonderful night.

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