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Discovering Cihangir, Istanbul

If the raucous Taksim Square is Dr. Jekyll, then Cihangir, tucked away from bustle, is...

03 October, 2014

Studiowalk by Artwalk Istanbul: The Ultimate Artists’ Tour

There are seven of us in Saliha Yavuz’s group for the week – nearing the...

20 January, 2015

Zübük, the Comedic Masterpiece by Aziz Nesin

Theatre enthusiasts, mark your calendars! It’s the 100th anniversary of Turkish...

26 February, 2015

December 8th, 2014: Yasemin Yalçın to Perform at BKM for Debut Album Tour

It started with a contribution to singer Suzan Kardeş’s album, "Makyaj Odası...

19 December, 2014

Traffic in Istanbul, Warts and All

The leatherette seat slips a notch down my grip, and I’m frantically re-latching...

25 June, 2014

My Review for Yasemin Yalçın Concert at BKM

When it comes to entertainment, Yasemin Yalçın delivers. In spades. Fans,...

22 December, 2014