Best Places To Get Work Done in Istanbul

Bahadır Efeoğlu
13 June, 2014

You are a freelancer, a student or a writer. Probably looking for a comfy chair, power outlet and free wifi. Well, a good cup of coffee and some snack would make a place almost perfect for getting your work done. 

I know you are in rush and have to finish this work but don't worry I already made a list for you.

Now you don't have an excuse, the only thing you should do is to concentrate and start doing your work. Good luck!

1) Muhit - Karaköy

Address : Kemankes Mahallesi Kilicali Pasa Mescidi Sokak No:9 A1 Karakoy

Telephone : 0212 243 65 25

Website :

2) Salt Galata - Galata

Salt Galata is on the famous Bankalar Street in Karaköy. Just 5 minutes of walk away from the ferry. The building is serving as Salt Galata now was built during the 19th century by Alexandre Vallaury for Ottoman Bank. You can visit the Ottoman Bank Museum and get into historical money vaults in the library. Salt Galata is an interesting place, you will get this feeling just as you step into the building. The feeling of old historical architecture and modern art touches are completely inspirational. 

Salt Galata has a public library with fast internet connection and comfortable work zone. If you get bored of working, you can check the collection of vintage book.

Working Hours : Tuesday - Saturday 12.00-20.00  | Sunday 12.00-18.00

Address : Bankalar Caddesi 11 Karaköy

Telephone : 0 212 334 22 00

Website :

3) Caffe Nero - Caddebostan

Caffe Nero is located on Caddebostan seaside right in front of the Migros. This caffe is my favorite because it is right on the seaside where I can ride my bike from home easily. Also it has a cosy ambiance, nice garden and balcony. The view of the second floor is one of the best in this area.

The wifi speed is decent but when it's crowded it gets super slow. However, if you are not bounded to internet you can enjoy the Prince's Islands view from the second floor of Nero.

During the finals week and weekends Nero is generally too crowded just like anywhere in Istanbul.

Address : Cemil Topuzlu Cad. İskele çıkmazı No:1 K:1 Kadıköy

Telephone : 0216 411 11 48

Website :

4) Mambocino- Moda

Mambocino is a boutique coffee shop surrounded by franchises of Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Kahve Dünyası. However, none of them can serve a coffee as good as Mambocino's. This place my not be the best for group meetings because tables are not big enough but is definitely great for working and enjoying the good quality coffee. 

Since Mambocino is a coffee shop, expecting a good food doesn't seem fair. However there is a lovely restaurant right in front of Mambocino, called Tomatito. I strongly recommend their falafel and noodle.

Address : Moda Caddesi Cafer Aga Aylin Ap No 188 A4 

Telephone : 0531 560 31 11

Website :

5) Mum's Cafe - Karaköy

Address : Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mahallesi Fransız Geçidi Sokak Kapı: 1 Daire:16

Telephone : 0212 245 98 48

Website :

6) Caribou Cafe - Caddebostan

Caribou Cafe is located on Bagdat Street facing to famous Bar's Street (Iskele Sokak). Outside of Caribou is always crowded,however inside is generally calm. There is a big meeting table inside suitable for group works or meetings. Internet speed is decent just like Caffe Nero because their ISP is the same (DorukNet). 

Caribou Caddebostan has one distinguishing feature; you can rent one of the private meeting rooms in the basement for your meetings. You can check their website for details. 

Address : Bağdat Cad No:305-A Caddebostan

Telephone : 0216 385 19 44

Website :

7) Yeniköy Kahvesi 

Address : Kürkçü Faik sok. No:4 /Yeniköy

Telephone : 0212 299 38 10

Website :

8) Istanbul Modern Cafe Restaurant - Karaköy

Address : Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi Liman İşletmeleri Sahası Antrepo No:4 Karaköy

Telephone : 0212 292 26 12

Website :

9) Nikol - Galata

Address : Serdar-ı Ekrem Sokak No:9 Galata

Telephone : 0212 251 51 58

10) Cup of Joy - Bebek

Address : Cevdetpasa Cad No 53/5 Bebek Besiktas 

Telephone : 0212 263 00 06

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