Atdaa Wandering Writer Program

Bahadır Efeoğlu
31 March, 2016

Dear students, is a company based in San Francisco, CA. We are a digital guide for the city of Istanbul. Our unique content is one of the best resources describing Istanbul to travelers. We provide guidance to westerners (mostly American & British) who seek unique experiences in this amazing city.

Our writers are volunteers, who are mainly from the expatriate communities of Istanbul. Atdaa provides its authors gift cards from best service providers in Istanbul. In return, our writer community shares their most honest feedback about their experiences, in other words, tell their story in their own way.

We would like you to participate our Wandering Writer Program as a writer and describe your experience after you visit places we provide gift cards for. Here are some example articles on Atdaa: Photo Shoot at Giycek, Shopping at Ark Of Crafts, Molly’s Cafe.

Here is how it works:

-- That’s it!

Are you interested and have these qualities?


Then, please fill out our form and we will get in touch with you shortly.  

Click to view the form.

Thank you for your interest in Wandering Writer Program!


Team Atdaa

Wandering Writer Program
Bahadır Efeoğlu

Studying Management Information Systems as a senior student ​at​ Bogazici University. Bicycle activist, windsurfer​,​ and blogger at

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