Atdaa Guidelines | Author’s Handbook

Bahadır Efeoğlu
26 May, 2014

Hey there! Is it your first time on Atdaa as a writer? Not sure where to start?

Don’t panic! Follow this short guideline and your posts will rock the world of our readers.


  1. What’s your story? Are you going to be informative or tell an interesting story? Regardless of your topic, please try to stay on track. Try not to go all over.

  2. Pick a stunning title which will make people wonder what is beyond.

  3. Not sure about how to address your readers? It is always nice to be sincere and using a friendly welcoming language. Note that our audience is world travelers, and locals.

  4. Support your story with shiny photos. Your audience will remember the photos even if they forget the details of the content.

  5. If you don’t know where to start for searching photos, visit

  6. If you have your own photos, upload them on Instagram and share the link within the post. We will take care the rest. Here is how to embed instagram photos.

  7. Writing about a place? Add the foursquare link in your post.

  8. Writing about a historical figure or a fact? Try to support your point by giving references to trustworthy sources like Wikipedia, govertment site (.gov), educational resources (.edu).

  9. Finally, revise your post. Check for grammar mistakes and flow of the story just as you like.

  10. Hit the save button and wait for the magic to happen !


Your post will be featured on Atdaa homepage, if our editors love it. :)

Thank you for your contribution!

Team Atdaa

Bahadır Efeoğlu

Studying Management Information Systems as a senior student ​at​ Bogazici University. Bicycle activist, windsurfer​,​ and blogger at

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