Are there any places for surfing near Istanbul?

Irmak Pınar
31 March, 2016

Looking out at the calm waters of Bosphorus, you might not guess that surfing is right nearby. But, the Black Sea, just north of Istanbul, is known for restless water and features a few spots to catch a wave.  Near Şile  

Şile Merkez  

Şile is a small district on the Black Sea shore linked to Istanbul. Şile Merkez is the name given to Şile’s main coastal region. The sea floor is sand and its breakwater often creates strong waves.  If you are a beginner, start from the area near the breakwater. For intermediates, the area near the cafeteria is recommended. Finally, experienced surfers can go venture out toward Kumbaba to the area in front of the hotel.  


If you are not satisfied with the waves in Şile Markez, you should try Ağlayankaya, 3 km away from Şile. The surf here is steeper and heavier because of some rocky outcroppings on the sea floor. The current flows toward the coast so it may be a little hard to paddle out. Be careful - it can be dangerous for beginners when the surf is high.  

How to go to Şile?

A car would be easiest, but you can also take the bus 139 until the last stop or 139A until the stop “Şile Merkez” from Şemsipaşa bus stop in Üsküdar. The bus 139 costs 9,75 TL and the bus 139A costs 13,65 TL. For timetable of 139 click here.  

Woody Wille

Situated on the Ağva Coast Line, 16 km away from Şile, this surf area is 5 km to the left once you arrive at the coast. There, the area where the bottom is quite rocky, with a current towards rocks, and is only recommended for experienced surfers. But, closer to the middle part of the coast you can find more beach breaks, suitable for other levels. Note that you should bring your own food and drink to this more remote spot.

How to go to Ağva?

You can take the bus 139A until the last stop from Şemsipaşa bus stop in Üsküdar. It costs 13,65 TL. For timetable of 139A click here.

Kerpe and Surroundings  

16 km away from Kandıra village in Kocaeli, Kerpe sees decent waves in windy and stormy weather. Minimal current makes it suitable for beginners. It is recommended to start in front of Club Nicomedia.  


Between Kerpe bay and Kefken bay, linked to Kandıra, this spot also gets nice in windy and stormy weather. The bottom of water is all sand. It is suitable for beginners. For map click here.


Situated in Babaköy, 8 km away from the center of Kandıra, visit Sarısu when winds are above 10 knots. The current comes in towards the coast, which can make it difficult to paddle past the waves. It is suggested for experienced surfers.  For map click here.

How to get to Kerpe and nearby?

The best way to go that area is to take a car.

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