Are there any drinks special to Istanbul that I can't find in the U.S.?

Kaan Çağlar
17 August, 2014

Rakı is the correct answer. But I suggest you to drink Rakı at special restaurant (For instead Asmalımescit area/Beyoglu) instead of bar. While enjoying Rakı your friends talks and good meze's would be to accompany to you. 

Raki is the answer. Be careful though, take it slow. It's not that appropriate to drink it in a bar or club. It is best to drink it in a restaurant. In addition to special restaurants like meyhanes, a fancy or modest seafood restaurant by the Bosphorus would do it too. Fish, raki, feta cheese (lamb), melon, couple of mezes (like haydari) are key ingredients of that table to say Scherefe (cheers) with your friends by the Bosphorus.

To add, if you are a beer fan, Efes Pilsen is a must have.

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