Are any of Istanbul's bridges open to pedestrians?

John McCarroll
31 March, 2016

Well, none of the bridges over the Bosophorus are open to pedestrians except during the Istanbul Marathon. The next one is November 11th 2012. I missed it this year due to rain and being super lazy, but even driving over the bridge is amazing, so I can't imagine how good it would be to do it by foot.

If you'd accept a slightly less august bridge, the Galata bridge, stretching from Karakoy to Eminonu, is quite nice. It's bi-level, offering you two options: On the top you can see a ton of fishermen chilling out and trying their luck, and you can appreciate the dichotomy of the new and old cities different building styles. The bottom has a ton of fish restaurants and some of the most aggressive touts in the city, all of whom will ask you to come in, eat a fish, or drink a beer. A lot of those places are pretty nice, and chilling out and looking at the water is a pretty nice way to kill some time. 

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John McCarroll

Irresponsible anthropologist and fiction writer. Used to be an expat in Istanbul. 

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