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Meet the Turkish Viagra: Mesir Macunu

Sex tourism is big business in the world today – and sad to say some countries...

10 September, 2014

The Kadıköy Bull - A Picaresque Tale

I don’t spend a lot of time in Starbucks. It’s not that I have any...

24 July, 2014

The Ancient District of Üsküdar – Palace Intrigues and Sufi Mystics

Üsküdar is said to have 180 mosques. I haven’t counted, but I well...

17 August, 2014

Beauty and the Beast – An Ottoman fairy tale | Rüstem Paşa Mosque

‘How much more interesting is this place than Dubai?’ The words were...

21 August, 2014

Piyale Pasha – The Man and The Mosque

Istanbul is a huge city. Visitors from abroad tend to concentrate on the Sultanahmet...

26 August, 2014

The Vefa District – Centre of Three World Empires

Stay in Istanbul for some time, mix with Turks, and one of them will very likely offer...

06 November, 2014

Protecting Turkey’s Byzantine Heritage

Some locals may advise you to avoid the new Marmaray Metro in Istanbul. They seem to...

26 August, 2014

Validebağ Grove

Anti-government demonstrations in Turkey seem a little less frequent and well attended...

29 November, 2014