A Perfect Day Itinerary For Beyoğlu, Istanbul

Kaan Çağlar
07 June, 2014

Here are my suggestions for a lovely day in Beyoğlu area of Istanbul. Everywhere in this itinerary is within walking distance to each other, however, the whole tour will cover a large area. You will not lose any time since you're not commuting via public transportation -that may kill your whole day in Istanbul. Hopefully you enjoy it, and please feel free to make suggestions, comments below, in the comments area. 


@9:30am | Breakfast | NIKOL GALATA (Galata)

Stop by Nikol for their signature toast or ‘menemen’, Turkish scrambled eggs. Everything in this cafe - other than the waiters - is for sale. 

Location: Foursquare Link


@11am | Shopping | JANSET BILGIN ATOLYE (Galata) 

This tour guide-turned-jewelry designer has one of the mostoriginal collections in town. Check her latest at http://jansetbilgin.com/index.htm 


Location: Foursquare Link


@11:30am | Shopping | LES BENJAMINS (Galata) 

Little pricey but uniquely designed t-shirts featuring Bunyamin and his friends' philosophy of "union and progress" similar to The Young Turks movement.

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@12:45pm | Coffee Break | KRONOTROP (Cihangir) 

Probably the best coffee shop/roaster in Istanbul. Enjoy your coffee on the spot (tiny place though) or have a take away. They only serve fair trade coffee.

Location: Foursquare Link


@2:15pm | Lunch | CHAPELLE RIXOS PERA (Tepebaşı) 

Located in the courtyard of Saint Helena's Chapelle (dated 1582 --hence the name), Chapelle offers a good variety of tasty food and a wide range of remarkable wines.

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@4pm | Art Gallery | SALT BEYOĞLU (Istiklal) 

If you're into contemporary art, don't forget to check SALT Beyoğlu. It offers a rich program of exhibitions, screenings, discussions and talks by international and Turkish artists.

Location: Foursquare Link



@5:15pm | Coffee/Dessert Break | J’ADORE CHOCOLATIER (Istiklal) 

They have delicious desserts, but their hot chocolates are to die for!

Location: Foursquare Link



@6:15pm | Wandering Around | KONTRA PLAK (Tomtom) 

Feed your soul with essential local and international tunes. If you're lucky, you may come across a little concert of a local band at the store.

Location: Foursquare Link



@7:15pm | For pre-dinner drinks | LITERA (Galatasaray) 

Litera, the bar on the fifth floor of the Goethe Institute, has one of the best views of Istanbul.

Location: Foursquare Link



@8:45pm | For dinner | 8 ISTANBUL 

Classical Turkish cuisine with a modern touch in a cozy yet elegant ambiance, featuring chef Maksut Askar's delights. 

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@10:30pm | For eine kleine nachtmusik 

You're in the best part of town to listen to good music – check what's on at Babylon, Salon IKSV, or Minimuzikhol for late late night.

Babylon Events of the Week: http://www.babylon.com.tr/en/events/events-of-the-week

Location: Foursquare Link


Check Salon IKSV's website for event calendar: http://www.saloniksv.com/en

Location: Foursquare Link


Check calendar on MiniMüzikhol Website: http://www.minimuzikhol.com/

Location: Foursquare Link 

Kaan Çağlar

Head Genie and co-founder of Atdaa.com, serial social entrepreneur, rails enthusiast, marathoner, cyclist (did the AIDS LifeCycle), and a long commuter (SFO <> IST) tw: @kaanlcaglar IG: _._spark_._

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