22 Overwhelmingly Amazing Photos of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Irmak Pınar
12 January, 2015

I couldn't stop myself from sharing breathtaking photos of my favourite place in Istanbul. Enjoy!

Unlike some people think that Sophia is a name, Hagia Sophia means "Holy Wisdom".

"Hurry mum, there is a lot to see!"

This is where the Emperors enter the church.

Legen- wait for it...

Dary! (sorry for the HIMYM joke)

The building had been used as a church by the Byzantine Empire for 912 years and as a mosque by the Ottoman Empire for 482 years.

A breathtaking example of Islamic calligraphy

You can also find many examples of beautiful Byzantine mosaics.

All architectural pieces were brought from ancient cities in and around Syria.

Imam uses this staircase.

View from upstairs


There are four angels around the dom. (I wonder how many chandeliers)

Christianity and Islam.. 2 in 1.. 

Using angles effectively is the fundamental issue on photographing Hagia Sophia

Golden water-tank with a fountain (Muslims use it to wash their hands and feet before prayer)

You shouldn't miss this magical place...

Time to go ("No, mum!")



Did you know that this cat is actually famous? http://hagiasophiacat.tumblr.com/

22 Overwhelmingly Amazing Photos of Hagia Sophia by @irmakpinar | http://t.co/tavpiPuySe #travel #istanbul

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