2015 - Best Ice Cream Shops in Istanbul

Aslı Toraman
09 June, 2015

Would not eating an ice-cream in hot summer days be the best meal? June is here, and the weather is getting warmer every passing day. The ice-cream season has already come!

Luckily, you do not have to go to Italy to eat “gelato”, while you can eat the very best scoops here in Istanbul.

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1. Mua Gelatieri


This little cozy ice-cream shop is located in two places, Yeniköy and Galata. It is not only rich of gelatos, but also of different kinds of sorbets. Sorbet-lovers should definitely try kiwi and orange flavors, while ice-cream lovers would like dark chocolate, coffee and cinnamon. Also tahini, -a rare flavor- is only available in summers and definitely a must-try. 


2. Yaşar Usta Sorbe Ve Dondurma


This place is one of my favorites and is located in Erenköy, Bağdat Caddesi. It has very interesting flavors such as honey-almond, white chocolate, plum or even “Cici Bebe”. I swear you can have one of your very best moments while eating Yaşar Usta ice cream. 


3. Gül Dondurmacısı


If you ever go to Prince Islands, especially Büyükada, on hot summer days, be sure to eat Gül Dondurma which is a stand right next to Anadolu Kulübü. It is 100% natural and made of fresh fruits and you will not regret it. There are only a few flavors, all equally amazing, such as peach, chocolate and sour-cherry. 


4. Dondurmacı Ali Usta


Do not be shocked when you see the queue in front of the shop. It has been years since Ali Usta has prepared 50 different flavors of gelato in Moda/Kadıköy. Most loved ones are almond, vanilla, tutti frutti, melon and of course, chocolate. 


5. Dondurmacı Yasar Usta

Be careful not to mix this with the previous Yaşar Usta, they both are very delicious but have different taste styles. It has been a legend since it first opened in 1962. Some unique tastes are carrot, pineapple and mulberry. However, chocolate and raspberries will always be my favorites. 


6. Mini Dondurma

It will probably be the tiniest ice cream shop -4msq- you will ever see. Still, space has no relevance with taste, and it makes gelatos of wonderful chocolate and real fruits. 


7. Dondurmacci


It is not enough for Dondurmacci to make natural and non-preservative gelato. Located in Caddebostan, Dondurmacci offers us many unique tastes like lavender, green tea or Datça almond, as well as classic flavors. Ginger-lemon can refresh you from hot sunny days of Istanbul. 


8. Pinkberry

pinkberry ice cream istanbul 

If you like ice cream with yoghurt, it is definite that this will be your favorite! They are located in few places, and offer five different flavors besides yogurt. You can put some dressings on the top such as daily fresh fruits, dried fruits or biscuits on top.


9. Girandola


Girandola’s owner is an Italian lady who has a degree on ice-cream making. Head to Arnavutköy, if you want to experience different tastes like pumpkin, grape or whisky-chocolate. 


10. Giolitti


Located on İstiklal Avenue, it is best known for fruity flavors. Besides gelatos, you can also find various flavors of sorbets. If you want something hard-core, try the banana split or cappuccino.


11. Cremeria Milano

As you can understand from its name, Cremeria Milano is a true Italian ice-cream. They have very different flavors like baileys, vanilla-nutella gofret or raisin rom. It is located in Bebek and Caddebostan.


12. Sinem Dondurma

If you ever go to Burgazada, be sure to eat Sinem Dondurma and it would be the best thing you’ll do there. You will have a lot of unique options such as roasted nuts, mastic gum or banana.

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Aslı Toraman

Asli is a future marketer who currently lives in Milan, dealing with university. She is born and raised in Istanbul. She loves traveling and experiencing difference tastes in life. She is an amateur photographer who enjoys to live like a tourist in Istanbul, her favorite city.

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