13 Amazing Retro Posters of Istanbul

Kaan Çağlar
11 February, 2015

Retro posters of Istanbul are not something that you come across in everyday life. It is even more special when you learn that 13 of them are made by Emrah Yucel as a part of Los Angeles based agency Iconisus

Emrah created a whole bunch of retro posters for Turkey, and made them freely available on their website http://www.turkiyeposterleri.com/.

I filtered out the Istanbul ones, and shared them here.  



1. The Bosphorus

retro poster of bosphorus

2. The Hagia Sophia

hagia sophia retro poster

3. The Maiden's Tower 

Maiden Tower Retro Poster

4. The Blue Mosque

the blue mosque retro poster

5. Taksim 

Taksim Retro Poster

6. The Basilica Cistern

the basilica cistern retro poster

7. Ortaköy Mosque 

ortakoy retro poster

8. The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar Retro Poster

9. The Bosphorus Bridge

the bosphorus retro poster

10. Cruising Through Istanbul

cruising through istanbul

11. The Galata Tower

the galata tower retro poster

12. The Çırağan Palace

the ciragan palace retro poster

13. Istanbul Shopping Scene

istanbul shopping retro poster


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Kaan Çağlar

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