What's the deal with the Turkish alphabet? How does it differ from the English alphabet?


The turkish alphabet has 29 letters. There is no W , Q, or X. They also have a dotted O, a dotted U, an undotted I, a G with a line over it, an S with a tail, and C with a tail.

The dotted o sounds kind of like "er" in english, and comes from low in your throat.

The dotted U sounds like "oo" and sounds similar to french "vous"

The g with a line over it extends the vowel before it. We don't have much like it in english, but if you see it in a word, just stretch the noise before it.

The S with a tail is "sh"

The C with a tail is "ch"



John McCarroll •London, United Kingdom

Irresponsible anthropologist and fiction writer. Used to be an expat in Istanbul. 

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