What's the best way to experience the Bosphorus?


If you prefer to have the local experience, then I would suggest taking the public ferry. Communiting from Asia to European side (or vice versa) is a lot more comfortable and faster when you take the ferry from Kadikoy to Besiktas (or) Eminonu. A lot of locals use the ferry for their daily commute. I definitely suggest having that experience and feeling the local culture particularly during the rush hour. 

Other than that, there are really nice yatch tours organized by a variety of companies. They are little bit expensive, however, taking a yatch tour on the Bosphorus, and being dropped at a restaurant on the strait is priceless. That is a very romantic way of experiencing the scenery. 


Kaan Çağlar •Buenos Aires, Argentina

Head Genie and co-founder of Atdaa.com, serial social entrepreneur, rails enthusiast, marathoner, cyclist (did the AIDS LifeCycle), and a long commuter (SFO <> IST) tw: @kaanlcaglar IG: _._spark_._

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