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Ottoman and food historian nestled into the Pacific Northwest | My Blog

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    Keşfetmek Means Exploring in Turkish

    Last night I ate on the roof of our hotel, the old Ottoman house.  The roof had the best view of the Blue Mosque in all of Istanbul.  Unfortunately these pictures obscure just how close we are to ... read more

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    This is Pretty Much All You Can Eat in One Day in Istanbul!

    Food history is a fairly new topic in the field of history and examines not only what people actually ate in the past but also the culture and traditions that surrounded food.  While tourists frequent Istanbul ... read more

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    Ramadan in Istanbul

    If you are traveling to Istanbul this summer between June 28th and July 28th, then you are in for a delicious surprise. These dates encompass the ninth month of the Islamic calendar called Ramadan (Ramazan in ... read more

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    A Self Guided Tour of Ottoman Istanbul

    When you arrive in Istanbul you will most likely want to visit the Old City to see the Topkapı Palace, Ayasofya, and Blue Mosque.  Don’t be intimidated by the throngs of travelers and tour guides attempting ... read more

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    Turkish Coffee and Ottoman Coffeehouses

    Like the majority of people in this world I am addicted to caffeine, and like most people in Seattle I have a strong opinion on the best place to get your morning coffee.  But my scholarly ... read more

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    10 Ingredients Found in Turkish Cuisine

    Turkish cuisine is a blend of savory, succulent, sugar-coated goodness.  Due to Turkey’s location between Eastern and Western powers Istanbul is a confluence of civilizations culturally, linguistically, and gastronomically.  Think of your favorite ethnic foods.  Greek food ... read more

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