Feride Yalav

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Feride Yalav is a freelance writer and editor based in Istanbul and Berlin. Former senior editor of The Guide Istanbul, she's now a regular contributor to Brownbook and has also written for CNN Travel, Skylife, and Suitcase Mag. Personal Website:

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    Take a Peek at Feride Yalav's Istanbul

    I never belonged anywhere until I moved to Istanbul. I have a strange relationship with this city than can conjure both love and hate, sometimes simultaneously. So, I created my personal blog Istanbul22, to not only ... read more

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    Best Souvenir Ideas From Istanbul

    Drop that overpriced airport Turkish Delight and explore Istanbul’s best souvenir-ish boutiques! I ruminated on the word “souvenir,” for quite a while and decided to steer clear of that trite path leading toward mass-produced evil eyes, ... read more

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    Taking The Istanbul Taxi

    If we, for a moment, disregard Istanbul’s traffic issue (most comparable to an additional circle in Dante’s Inferno) taxicabs are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around. However, there are a few rules ... read more

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    Best Places to See in Riga, Latvia

    Riga is gorgeous on the down low because it hasn’t been inundated with tourists (just yet). Apart from this obvious trait of attraction, the capital of Latvia is the Baltic States’ largest city and possesses a ... read more

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    Best 5 Restaurants and Cafes in Riga, Latvia

    Riga’s food scene is carried to the pinnacle of gastronomic worthiness with its fresh fish from the Baltic Sea and produce from local farms. As such, the city’s best chefs don’t meddle too much with their ... read more

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    Best 5 Places to Shop in Riga, Latvia

    Not a shopping paradise per se, Riga’s consumer charm lies in its dedication to tradition in the face of urbanism. Hand craftsmanship is protected and celebrated with a modern touch while the most popular source of ... read more

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